How To Mix Oil Paint

Learning how to mix and control your colors can create a great difference in your painting. This means that the color mixing process has to be given the importance it deserves. Anytime you are dealing with colors, it is important to understand that colors have four main properties; intensity, value, temperature and hue. Value

How To Do Oil Paintings From Photos

It’s easy to do an oil painting from a photo. The artist will add their artistic flair to the finished portrait. Let’s use a photo of a face for the example. The first action to take is to study the photograph. Carefully note where the light and dark areas are located on the subject

How To Draw Caricatures Of People

Caricature drawings are visual representations of people or other characters that have been exaggerated. The goal of a caricature is to create humor and sometimes to scare people or create a gross effect. Caricatures are frequently used to make fun of or satirize people who are well known. You will often see caricatures of

How To Make Beaded Watches

Many people have a drawer in a jewelry box full of broken or outdated accessories. Often this collection includes watches that are no longer wearable because the watch component outlives the watchband. When it comes to replacing the broken band on your watch, it is not necessary to purchase one from a store or

How To Make Beaded Earrings

Make Fabulous Beaded Drop Earrings At Home Do you simply love beaded earrings? They do look fabulous when they are unique and have their very own style. It is nice to be able to wear a pair of earrings that nobody else has. A pair of earring should be fit to your own personality.

How To Make Bead Necklaces

Jewelry really is a beautiful thing. They can make the simplest attire stand out and they can personalize your outfit in a stitch. One of the most beautiful piece of jewelry is the necklace. There are so many pretty necklace designs out there, unfortunately they can be so expensive for just your basic design.

How To Handle Collectible Comic Books

Most people who have any kind of familiarity with comic books know that the rarest, most collectible issues, can be worth millions of dollars if properly cared for. Perhaps you’ve read about the recent auction of Action Comics Number 1, the first appearance of Superman, where it was sold for over 3 million dollars.

How To Preserve Comic Books

Comic book collecting is a fun hobby that has been popular for many years. If you’re fortunate enough to have comic books that are old, classic, or high in value for some other reason, you’ll want to store them properly to keep them in good condition. The following information lists the steps to take

How To Organise Your Dvd Collection

Organizing your DVD collection can take a little planning depending on the order you would like to separate and code. While some people have small collections, and may be a little easier to organize, other people have rather large collections of DVDs. If you’re tired of keeping your DVD collection in boxes, it’s time

How To Choose Which Lens Is Right For Your Digital Camera

Choosing the proper lens for your digital camera depends on what you intend to use the lens for. Camera lenses come in a wide array of speeds and focal lengths designed to take pictures at various distances and lighting conditions. Lenses can cost anywhere from less than $100 to several thousand dollars for a

Digital Cameras And Photo Storage

The way to capture beautiful images in society today is done through digital cameras. Digital cameras make it easier for you to view, delete and store all of your photos. You are even able to use the digital camera in order to transer photos from one device to another device by using a simple

Digital Camera Tips And Tricks

The rise of the digital camera has brought the art of photography to the masses in a way never before seen. This is both a positive thing and a negative thing. On the positive side, more people are taking pictures than ever before. On the negative, more people don’t understand how to work their

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